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Why You Should Leave Skip Tracing in 2021!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

It will save you time and money. Real estate professionals typically use paid data sources to get leads or lists of names. Usually, this involves going to the municipal court, driving for dollars, or purchasing lists. All of these lead to skip-tracing.

The big question is WHY?

Why do we need skip-tracing in the first place? Of course, we need enough information to contact the homeowners from the list we bought, but why is their contact information not included in the purchased list in the first place? We tried to find the answer to this question even before we started Megaskip.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a single reason why data providers don't give the names on the list with contact information.

What's the use of buying a list if we also need to make an effort and find a way to reach them? Buying lists is indeed "cheaper" than other options to get leads. But is it efficient to do so? If you need to spend time and money again to skip-trace after getting the list, is it worth it? How can you expect to be effective if you need to go under complicated procedures to get a list of people to call? This is what we want to solve through Megaskip. There is a simple solution that can allow you to skip tracing in the dust while getting extremely fresh and accurate lists.

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